PG 2.5 black/yellow a.k.a. 'Moon Exploration'

Honestly, I didn't know the inspiration or story-telling part of this colorway but since some sources in the web saying that are key details on the right pair of the shoe (not available since the images here are the display on the racks), but there is a tag on the heel of the right pair which talks about moon exploration so they dubbed it as moon exploration. But nonetheless, this takes the number one spot for the best colorway in the PG 2 and PG 2.5 for me. If you know me, the black and yellow color scheme is really close to my heart so I love this colorway and if I have a chance, this is an instant pick-up for me. But since I am working on a budget and trying to be kinda wise in choosing which kicks to purchase and do a performance review, so I'll have to pass on this. But man, these are nice. Predominantly in yellow or "amarillo" as they call it (Spanish for yellow), the black shade balances everything making it not too bright while the grey and chrome swoosh branding in the heel kinda adds some nice accents as well. The white solid rubber outsole keeps everything neat underneath and even the area where the Zoom Air bags are supposed to be placed are made up of solid rubber but has a camouflage design to it, so this wouldn't be much of a dust magnet since for whatever reason translucent tend to attract more dust compared to solid rubber for the most part. So this is Nike keeping it kinda safe so to speak. This colorway of the Nike PG 2.5 Amarillo/Black-Chrome is available at Nike Park in Trinoma for Php 5,795.


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