Reebok Fusion Flexweave

Reebok has been quietly grabbing a majority of the slice when it comes to circuit training by pooling their efforts into that category, focusing on the needs in the said field. Trainers have been an ideal choice if you have an active lifestyle or work duties that requires you to be always on the go. A large chunk of us agree that wearing trainers has its benefits because it is light and comfortable. This is also a lot of these retro lifestyle kicks were once training shoes back then and even the new models were patterned to trainers because of its versatility. And speaking of trainers, the Reebok Fusion Flexweave features their Flexweave upper which is their performance woven upper made from a durable woven fibers but isn't too tight to offer flexibility on your movements but still being supportive and durable. Their cushioning is made up of what they call FloatRide core which according to Reebok is lighter and softer than traditional EVA. In this age where performance is taking the driver's seat, every brand have their own key techs to provide us kicks that help us perform better which goes hand in hand with the skills acquired during training. Aesthetically, I like the design and silhouette in general. While the silhouette sure looks pretty simple, the key techs are what separates it from other brands. You can get them now at the Reebok store in Vertis North.


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