Harden LS 2 Lace

The Harden LS 2 will also have a lace version. The previous LS 2 model that I spotted some time ago featured a buckle system but this one has laces to it but still looks dope and shares the same overall silhouette of the Harden Vol 2. You can also see the chunky Boost that run across the whole midsole area with no TPU cage so you can feel great cushioning. The upper is made up of a combination of textile which kinda looks stretchy but not too much like a sock with some leather panels to give more shape on the upper. While the buckle version that I featured some time ago has a nice olive color, this one is done in black but I'm digging the laced version when it comes to looks. Both versions has a premium touch with the use of either suede or textile but I'm just leaning on this one a little bit aesthetically speaking. Hopefully more colors will drop soon. You can get this now at the adidas store in SM Annex for Php 8,500.


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