Another Off-white X Converse collab coming soon

 You just have to commend what Virgil Abloh made in the sneaker world the past year. The whole off-white movement in sneakers gained more traction when it collaborated with Nike and Converse. With its success, here is another collaboration with Converse. While we can't see the totality of the shoe's image, there interesting bits and pieces from the photos here that could be enough to gain more buzz. It looks like this time, canvas will be its primary source of material for the upper. The chosen silhouette would be the Chuck 70 which has a more premium vibe to it. There are design elements that are already noticeable like the off-white logo on the midsole and the orange tag stitched together with the Converse logo. Speaking of the Converse logo, it is usually found on the medial side of the shoe. In this case, it was done on a white canvas which could have 2 possibilities. One is there will be 2 colorways black and white or the shoe will have a 2-tone color scheme: black laterally and white medially which is more appealing just because it would be more bold since the previous was made of a "see-through" material. Whatever the final outcome, I believe that while the use of canvas material is a more safer look, you can still play with the colors and other design aspects that would make the shoe gain tremendous heat. What do you think guys? You lovin the whole off-white movement in sneakers lately? Tell us your opinions on the comment section below.



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