Puma Hoops Launch Event

Puma hosted an event earlier in New York and honestly, I am excited to see the German brand establish their footing again in the basketball performance sneaker category. They unveiled the Puma Clyde Court Disrupt which was heavily inspired by the Puma Clyde with updated materials, tech, and look. NBA player Rudy Gay and basketball athletes like Deandre Ayton and Marving Bagley III attended the said event. Expected to arrive in fall 2018, the shoe still looks like a lifestyle shoe to me but with some support pieces for support. Textile upper is the trend nowadays so seeing this, it looks like they are ready to show the basketball shoe community that they are coming and hopefully they deliver. I am not exactly sure but it looks like cushioning source would be these pellets of some sort although it's really hard to distinguish. If these were to designed to give you great energy return, then it is safe to say they are heading the right direction. Sure, they are not yet in the radar in terms of basketball performance since it's been a long time since they got key athletes to endorse their products. If I'm not mistaken Vince Carter wore Puma during his dunk contest during the NBA All-Star Weekend, so he was the last key athlete I think that rocked their kicks. With the Puma Clyde's rich heritage and latest tech, this would be very easy to gather a huge following especially when performance is top notch. As for myself, I am excited to see Puma have a slice of that pie again in the basketball performance field and hopefully they succeed.



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