Veja shoes

Fashion trend nowadays have a faster shelf life. And while some of the trends tend to repeat or gets a second life, you can deny that a lot of these things would leave a trail in the environment especially if the materials used would require long years to deteriorate. Some brands are starting to be more and more aware of this and try to recycle these materials and use them but in a new form. Veja, another foreign brand is one of those brands who are more aware of the environmental issues that we are facing and is doing their fair share of step in help preserving nature but still being able to make a good product. These products are now available in the Philippines specifically at Capital. Most of their raw materials came from organic sources and are being harvested by actual people to minimize pollution. Some of the materials used are organic cotton for the linings and insole and the rubber came from wild rubber from the Amazonian forest. While the shoe has a very simple look, you can't deny that these are fresh and you gotta give them major props for taking this extra step in help preserving nature. You can always research about Veja in the web for more information about their company and philosophy. For the shoes, you can get them at various Capital stores. For these specific models, you can get them at Capital Trinoma.


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