Air Max 90 Ease

If the Air Max 90 and the Presto would have a child, this would be it. It looks nice actually. You can see the Air Max 90 silhouette here and at the same time it has a bootie construction and made up of mesh which makes it light. The leather panel one the sides are still present that's why you can't really take away the Air Max 90 vibe and of course, it carries that Air Max 90 in its name. Air unit in the heel area is still there and underneath is a cored out rubber outsole to shave off some weight. There are 2 colors for the men and 2 colors for the women available at Capital store in SM the Block which retails for Php 6,295 and that orange/burgundy looking color in the womens is nice too but for the men's size, the grey/infra red colorway is more appealing to me than the black colorway. I just find it too plain. If you want to look fresh this summer then you might want to consider copping this. It's light and has that retro vibe to it as well. Check out the images below and tell me your thoughts as well down on the comments section.


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