Images of Curry 5 have surfaced

Images of the Under Armour Curry 5 have surfaced and its lowtop build surprising because we are used to seeing a mid or a hightop for the Curry line although there are lowtop version of the silhouette being released, but that is after the mids or high have been in the market for quite some time. I think this is the first time that this happened in the Curry line (correct me if I'm wrong). Does this mean that he will be wearing lows often now? But for the look of the shoe itself, it still has a minimalist build but looks functional. The mid and forefoot area looks it has a thicker or sturdier construction compared to the sock-like build in the ankle area. The lacing system looks modified as well to bring your foot closer to the footbed and you can see in the midsole part that there are parts of the foam that extends a bit higher than the rest of the midsole. This would likely keeps your foot from over extending or teetering from the footbed during laterial movements. We don't know yet the cushion setup and let's hope that they used something special aside from a lightweight foam like in the case of the Curry 4. I don't have any issues with lightweight foams because there are times that they prove to offer good amount of impact protection. However, this is a signature shoe of their top endorser in basketball so it is only fitting to equip him with the latest techs as possible. And from a consumer standpoint who is outside the US, Under Armour tend to cost more compared in the US (in the Philippines at least) people would want to have more value to what they're spending on. But as of the moment, let's wait for the official unveiling from Under Armour. Will he wear the shoe during their playoff run? What do you think guys? Share your thoughts on the look of shoe below.



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