And1 The Drive

While a lot brands are geared to textiles and synthetics, some brands have not yet abandoned the use of leathers fully since they still have some benefits to it. Like in the case of And1, The Drive is one of those budget models that are still made up of synthetic leather materials and some mesh-like material in the midfoot area. The silhouette itself looks like it is an early And1 shoe which is kinda bulky. As I said earlier, the use of heavier materials somewhat benefits to this day as it more durable to a softer material like textile. This one can not just be durable when it comes to scuffs or toe drags, but it can also provide some protection from brunt forces like if you've been stepped on a bigger player. While the leather here is not premium is still gets the job done and also it minimizes the cost in comparison to premium leather. The cushioning is made up of a molded EVA foam so it could still provide some impact protection. The last And1 shoe that I tested was the Tai Chi 3 and those are made up of a lightweight EVA and I enjoyed playing in those. The traction on these is a solid rubber with herringbone pattern sections so you are more or less good to go whether you play indoor or outdoors. There are 3 colorways available now at Royal Sporting House in Trinoma and the best part here is that the shoe retails for Php 2,995 which is a steal especially if you are on a tight budget.


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