World Balance Freedom Knit

Homegrown brands are slowly catching latest trend when it comes to sneakers. World Balance, who has been around since 1980's proved to stand the test of time and with most people wanting to have a comfortable sneakers for that everyday grind, not everyone are willing to spend too much if they are just wearing the kicks as beaters or as we say here in the Philippines, "pang laspagan". While some might justify buying sneakers with a premium price guarantees quality, but World Balance has been in the business for decades so I guess they are tried and tested already. Anyway, World Balance is upping their game by utilizing modern materials, in this case knit. The Wold Balance Freedom Knit features a knitted construction upper and while it isn't super soft and stretchy, it is durable to withstand your daily grind. The shoe feels lightweight and its low-cut profile makes it ideal for your lifestyle sneaker rotation as well. They are using what they call "Alpha Grip" which is essentially their way of saying that the outsole provides good floor grip. Underneath, the sole is on the soft side with traction pattern mimicking blade traction pattern but this one is spaced out so dust won't clog in between. The colors are pretty good as well. What I saw at World Balance Trinoma branch, they have 3 colorways available and for a retail price of Php 1,699 the shoe is worth trying out in my opinion. You can check more detailed images below and don't forget to share your thoughts below the comment section.


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