Jordan Why Not Zer0.1

Just looking at the images here, sheesh! This one is really fire. Jordan Brand and Bred colorway is a timeless classic. Even though this is not directly from the Air Jordan line, I mean come on, the Brodie gets a nod to have a Bred colorway on this signature shoe. That means something, right? While I'm planning to cop of pair of the Jordan Why Not 01, I am really tempted to hold on the trigger for a while until the release date of this colorway. What I'm really planning was to pick up a the two-way colorway because it looks pretty simple and the material won't attract dirty pretty quickly. But seeing this colorway, I am now torn. The materials in this colorway looks pretty much the same as the two-way except for the translucent outsole here. However, the two-way is pretty clean while this one is just classic. Might have to ponder on this in the coming days. But going back to the shoe, black upper with red accents on the brandings and outsole which is still simple but very attractive. The release date on this will be on March 1, 2018 for $125 so I still have time to think whether what colorway to cop.



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