adidas Crazy BYW X

The adidas Crazy BYW X will release in limited quantities during the NBA All-Star Weekend. In case you haven't seen them yet, here are some images which might convince you in case you are still undecided whether or not you want to snag a pair. This is a modern take on the Feet You Wear campaign back in the 90's but not containing adidas' premium source of cushioning, Boost. Material are a mixture of old and new by using mesh, suede, and knit in various parts of the shoe, with each material offering some benefits in the fit or just promote some structure and premium look. As I said earlier, Boost foam makes its way in this model which you can visibly see in the heel area. The Boost foam in the forefoot area is caged both medially and laterally to provide support and it makes me think how can they maintain its performance qualities if you were to cage the foam fully. If you are familiar with how adidas utilize Boost in the Crazy Explosive and even in the Harden Vol 1, the lateral side is caged while the medial is free or uncaged, so it provides stability as well as the energy return that Boost is very known for. But with this kind of setup, my wild guess would be the number of pellets to make the Boost foam isn't that many to make it compact or chunky. The cushion platform is still there, it's just that it isn't chunky so that it can still expand during compression. I don't know, that would be best guess for now since I haven't read any article yet regarding this. For the price, it would be on their top-tier price point of $200 so that's another thing to consider for some people who are still on the fence if they would cop or not.



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