A modern approach to Kobe's retro kicks

Rejoice Kobe fans, the Fade to Black series is not the last run for Kobe's retro kicks. Nike will be celebrating Kobe's signature line once again and this time upgrading it a bit to match with today's performance needs. An example of this is the Nike Kobe 1 Protro which is scheduled to launch this month. For the people out there who were still young during Kobe's first official signature shoe with Nike, it featured a forefoot and heel Zoom Air unit which Kobe wanted at that time since it would satisfy his needs and play style. Now, they will be using a full-length Zoom Air which I know that would do benefit for a lot of quick guards when done right. We have seen the use of a full-length Zoom Air in the Air Jordan XXXI, if we are talking of the Zoom Air that we used to know (not the Max Zoom) so let's see if we can feel the same responsive ride and who knows maybe better in this model. For a retro feel, most of the buildup of the shoe remained intact like the use of leather in the upper and even the carbon fiber plate underneath and support chassis. But of course, even with the use leather, they still try to turn it up a notch by using tumbled leather and even the textile layer on the ankle collar was modified for a more giving and comfortable feel. Honestly, this is a good news not only to Kobe fans but also to most ballers who would like to have a blast from the past experience on how kicks were built back then but with some modern take. I believe that these slight modifications could add more performance benefits to the wearer especially that cushioning. The only downside would be I think these will be limited so be sure to keep it here at analykix since we will be keeping an eye on this whole line. Hopefully, it wouldn't be hard to find here in the Philippines once it drops. But for now, all we have to do is just wait for more info as days go by.



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