Will the next DRose shoe feature Bounce?

It looks like Bounce will be the main cushion source with regards to Derrick Rose's signature shoe which will be on it's 9th version. While Boost has been adidas' top cushion source, we do not know exactly the reason why they are ditching Boost for DRose and use Bounce instead. It could be a player's preference or marketing strategy to push the tech more. The Bounce cushion is also a solid option for a basketball shoe as it offers good impact protection and court feel. In fact, Bounce was already used in one of D Rose's budget line and even the Harden B/E so this could also be a way to keep the price of the signature shoe's on a consumer-friendly value. Once we hear more from this, we will surely give you more details and with the look of the image above, we might see them earlier this year.

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