adidas officially unveils the 'adidas Crazy BYW'

adidas Originals officially unveiled the Crazy BYW. We have been teased for some time now and it is already ripe that we get to know more. Perfectly blending the past and the present by using the silhouette from the "Crazy" retro line and incorporating new and fresh materials such as a soft and breathable knit with some leather panels to give you a breathable and lightweight feel and some some structure at the same time. As the name suggests, this is BYW meaning "Boost You Wear" so the key tech involved is the Boost foam which was utilized in a 3-part podular midsole setup. You can see the 3 sections on the images below which would likely give you a nice ride and hopefully they would play around with some different Boost densities there to give you comfort where you need it the most. This line is from the adidas Originals and while it may look beastly on paper, they classify it as lifestyle basketball so I guess this should fall in the lifestyle department but heavily inspired by the performance attributes of a basketball shoe. You would be fine to do light training perhaps but there is still the Crazy BYW X that was also shown some time ago and it was worn on court by some of the NBA players that are affiliated with adidas so that would be more performance-inclined shoe by some slight modifications to promote stability and support. But for this model, February 15, 2018 will be its release date for $170.

Via: adidas


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