Fila 96 returns

A retro silhouette from Fila makes a comeback. The Fila 96 a.k.a. GH 2 will make a return in the Philippines once again. While we are not sure if OG colorways will return, this silhouette is all about the 90's: bulky look, materials made of leather (or nubuck), and a very durable outsole. I was able to score a pair couple of years ago and even made a performance review on it <HERE>  to let the young ones know that aside from it being an awesome silhouette, you can even play in them. While it does feel bulky and heavy especially in today's trend, that 2A cushion makes sure that impact protection is taken care of. This is good news if you want to try them out or you want to stock more pairs since it's that good. When it returned here in the Philippines some years back, people didn't jumped on it quickly due to its price. Even the MBs were kinda sitting in the shelves for quite some time due to its price. While the shoe looks great, people just waited for it to be on the sale rack and it took some months. Even I waited for the GH2 back then to be on sale and I hope they don't price it too high. Also, more retro models are welcomed since Fila has been a great shoe back then. So Fila please, more from the GH line and Stackhouse kicks in the future.

Via: Fila


  1. hope the material is better than last time...

  2. Sana GH3 naman. I would love to have that.


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