Dada 'Spinners' to return next year

I always believe that the 90's is the golden era of basketball sneakers. Every brand has their own signature athletes, techs, and even gimmicks to showcase their brand. And while Latrell Sprewell signed to different brands during his tenure in the NBA, his line with Dada will always be remembered with that particular shoe that has a spinner rim on it. Hip hop culture and basketball was like close brothers if you were to associate them, as they blend well effortlessly back in the day, so seeing this style back then caught a lot of attention. Even Spree himself is a fan of cars as evidenced by his shoe with And1 that featured ABS or Ankle Breaking System gimmick. Now, word is out from the man himself that this shoe will get a retro release next year and who knows, we might see more brands adapt this and bring their retro kicks out again.

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