This colorway of UA Curry 4 is kinda trippy

During the Warriors' media event, Steph rocked the UA Curry 4 Low and while we have already seen some photos some time ago, the color schemes are somewhat basic if you ask me. This colorway caught my attention because it looks trippy and you don't see very often. While I haven't tried the whole Curry line, there are a lot of reviews out there and the main reason that I'm not copping an Under Armour shoe in general is because of the price here in the Philippines is too high even the non-signature line. However, the models in general are starting to have price drops and I think I'll probably cop a pair (maybe a non-signature line first) just to maybe get a grasp on the brand in general then maybe go up from the signature line and this colorway isn't a bad idea should this reach retail shelves. Do you have any experience with the Curry line or maybe the team models? You can share your experiences below as well.



  1. I agree wit you bro' They're prices here in PH is way too high compared to their suggested retail price in the US when converted to our currency. Unlike nike and adidas they're price are almost equivalent to their srp in the US.

    1. Well, that's why it's hard to justify the purchase especially for people who have limited funds and haven't tried UA. Of course most people want the best purchase in relation to the money that they give. So it would be a bummer if they didn't enjoy their kicks with the amount of money that they gave.


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