Performance Review: Anta KT Outdoor 2 Low

The Anta KT Outdoor 2 has been out for a while now. Actually, they are starting to be on the sale racks so I decided to cop a pair to see if they are a good performer on court just like the KT 2. Check out my detailed review below or watch the video review.

Materials: 3.75/5

Mesh in the forefoot.

Synthetic leather in the heel and ankle area.

Fuse overlays in high-wear areas.

Mesh can be found in the forefoot and synthetic leather on the heel and ankle area. It isn't the latest innovation since every brand are already using mesh. However, it makes the shoe light because of the mesh material while the leather added structure in the ankle and heel area. There are fuse panels in high-wear areas like in the toe area which would likely protect the mesh upper from ripping during toe drags. While the shoe features mesh upper, it isn't that breathable because if you will look closely in the images above, it does have a bigger mesh on top but underneath is a smaller sieve of mesh so it somewhat defeats the purpose of breathability. I just wish they used a bigger sieve underlay just to make it more breathable.

Cushion: 4/5

Impact protection is mainly felt in the heel area.

You can see the compression marks so it somewhat gets the job done.

For this particular model, Anta used their A-Shock cushion setup. The impact protection can be felt in the heel area and I like the way how it protects me when landing down. I'm sinking deeply into the shoe which means that the cushioning isn't that mushy. I am not a heavy player and I'm not that big either so the cushioning is just enough for me. I just wish there is more cushioning in the forefoot area. However, it is not a deal breaker for me since it offers some responsiveness. I didn't experience any strains or pains after games so I'm cool with it.

Traction: 4.5/5

Blade traction pattern.

A-Hardcourt RB is durable and ideal for both indoor and outdoor courts.

For this particular colorway, the translucent rubber is glow in the dark.

In my opinion this is the best feature of the shoe. It features a translucent rubber outsole in the forefoot and solid rubber in the heel. Both rubbers were consistent even when dust is present or even moist because there was an instance where the floor is somewhat moist due to rain. Sure it does get slick in the beginning, but you can feel that the rubber bites the floor quickly. I was able to test them both indoor and outdoor and it does perform fairly identical. Translucent rubber can be a turn-off sometimes but this is great. It used a blade traction pattern so it also helps in acquiring good traction. I also think that the rubber is durable so outdoor hoopers may want to consider this shoe.

Fit: 4.25/5

The heel counter is very helpful in securing your foot.

Support structures in the laces help achieve lockdown in the forefoot.

The shoe runs true to size but wide-footers would want to go half a size up because it is narrow in the midfoot area. I suggest to try them in stores since you want as little dead space as possible especially in a lowtop. There is a torsion plate underneath the midfoot and a TPU heel counter which secures your heel area. It cups your heel nicely and isn't restricting. There are support structures in the laces to give you more lockdown in the forefoot area especially after you tied your laces properly. The base is wide and the midsole somewhat acts as outriggers as well. Having a wide base in both forefoot and heel is good especially in the case of shooters (like Klay) because you want to have an established position as possible.

Price: 4.25/5

The shoe retails for Php 4695 pesos and there are stores that are already placing them on the sale racks. I was able to get them with a 20% discount and honestly, I would still cop them even at regular price. But of course, having these on the sale is a big win if you ask me.

Overall: 4.15/5

The Anta KT Outdoor 2 Low is a solid shoe. Considering all the performance features like being lightweight, good impact protection, superb traction, it is highly recommended for hoopers who love to play in both indoor and outdoor courts. This is a major plus since most of the courts here in the Philippines are found outdoors. Granting you get your right size, fit and lockdown can be easily achieved and considering I am not that fond of low tops, I still enjoyed playing in the shoe because my feet felt secured by having a stable base and support structures like the heel counter. Lastly, the shoe is fairly priced considering all the performance features and with the shoe starting to be on sale, it is big plus especially if you are looking for a great shoe but somewhat have a limited budget.

Analykix Rating: Good Buy


  1. how is the heel to toe transition(cushion)? does it feel bulky in the heel?

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