Nike introduces Flyleather

Nike unveiled recently its recent innovation when it comes to their upper material, the Flyleather. For this particular material, Nike goes eco-friendly by minimizing its carbon imprint by using recycled leather. On normal production of leather in kicks, there is a lot of wastage. What Nike does is they use these leather waste and process them so that they can combine them with synthetic leather which results to a more lighter and durable form compared to that of traditional leather. Because of this, the possibility of this material being transitioned into performance is high. While today's trend focus on textile, Nike will incorporate the Flyleather first in some lifestyle models which is a good idea since most of these models, especially the retro models are made up of leather for the most part so the transition would be seamless one so to speak. But should the time come that the use of textile (weave or knit) starts to decline, Nike can easily incorporate the Flyleather which would mean adding of layers without being too bulky or heavy. But for now, one piece upper is the "King of the Hill". What do you think guys, should Nike start implementing the Flyleather in their performance models as early as possible to lead in this kind of innovation, or do you want them to just use them in retro/lifestyle models and just stick with the use of textile uppers for now?



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