Nike Air Max 97 Ultra available at Capital

The Nike Air Max 97 returns after 20 years and and it sure does bring back a lot of memories especially if you happen to be around during its first release. It features a textile upper and it does fit perfectly in this day and age where it is all about having a textile upper material. There are still some reflective hits on the linings which pays homage to the original release. The full-length Air Max provides superior impact protection. Back in the day, this was Nike's most coveted tech. You are cool in school if your kicks has some visible air unit especially this full-length. The solid rubber outsole also adds durability to the shoe in general because back in the day, most kids just have 1 pair of shoe to mess for the whole school year. In my case, I even get a pair every 2 years so I have to make sure that my kicks would last longer than a year. Also, I think this was the golden age of sneakers since every brand has their own tech to feature and for Nike, this was one of them. Now, we get to see them once again and if you are interested, the shoe just recently and retails for Php 8,095 at Capital store in Trinoma.


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