Li-Ning Shadow Walker 2017

It's hard to keep up with the name of these models especially with the Chinese brands. For this particular model, Li-Ning is calling this, "Shadow Walker 2017". It features a synthetic or fuse material for the most part of the upper specifically the midfoot and ankle area. In the forefoot area, a knit material can be seen which is kinda disappointing just because considering the regular price, it only featured a knit toe area with the fuse material more used here. Medially, there is what Li-Ning calls Dynamic Shell which is basically a padded or molded material that conforms to shape somewhat offering a custom fit. Cloud cushion was used and I hope it is full-length because it would be a bummer if it were only on certain parts considering the price. Lastly, solid rubber outsole with circular traction pattern was used and it looks pretty decent to do well both indoors and outdoors. These are available now at Olympic World in Trinoma and retails for Php 5,990 but is currently on the sale rack offering a 10% discount.


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