Early Image of Nike LeBron 15

No official unveiling yet for Nike, but we are already seeing this image online. Of course, we can only speculate on how would Lebron's 15 signature shoe will perform on court. For me, two things are worth mentioning: the upper and the cushioning. The upper looks like it is a durable type of knit material which combines structure and comfort especially when looking at that molded area in the midfoot up to the heel area. For cushioning, I think it is Max Zoom returning once again and this time in an articulated fashion like the KD line. Thinking of Lebron's physique, I hope this has a large volume to cater his explosiveness. However, the drawback would be instability so maybe that's why they put it in chambers or segments for better transition. What do you think guys? Do you like this early image of the Lebron 15? What are your initial reactions on this?

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