D Rose 8 available now in the US

A lot us were caught off-guard when D Rose went to Cleveland. Another sleeper news is that the adidas D Rose 8 dropped silently today without any official unveiling from adidas. Maybe it's because we would probably know by now that it is almost identical to last year's model. It is not bad at all, and in fact, last year's model was a solid shoe. For this year's model, engineered mesh upper with vents for breathability although I am not sure if some colorways will offer different materials but I'm positive that a Primeknit version will release because this is a top-tier model. Full-length Boost with lateral TPU cage in the forefoot for some support. From the pictures here, two things intrigued me: the traction pattern and the lacing system. The traction pattern could be more or less solid although durability could be in question. But for the lacing system, I just hope those cords are tough enough to hold the laces. These are available now in the States for $140 at adidas.com <HERE>



  1. Actually bro' it was already listed on titan22 webstore last week.

    1. That's awesome. Props to them for releasing them earlier than adidas stores here in the Philippines.


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