D Rose 8 and D Rose Dominate III

With the D Rose 8 already available, we get to see other models from the Rose line aside from the flagship model. The D Rose Dominate III is one of the solid models out there although the said model is mostly available in Asian countries. For the Dominate III, the overall silhouette is close to the D Rose 8 and the cushioning is made up of Bounce which is a good cushion source. I have not seen the Dominate III in stores yet but should they start to appear in shelves, I'm going to share some in-store images as well price details here at analykix.com so be sure to always stay in the loop.



  1. Both of them already listed on adidas.ph online shop bro'. http://shop.adidas.com.ph/d-rose-dominate-iii-cdx34.html?a=214_78456

    1. Cool! I already saw the D Rose 8 in adidas' physical store in Trinoma (will be posting an in-store video/pics soon). However, I haven't seen the Dominate III in actual so I hope they start showing in store shelves soon since majority of the people still love going to stores in mall.


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