adidas Crazy 1 Adv 1

Adidas made a rework on the Crazy 1 making suitable for a more lifestyle look. The Crazy 1 also known as the Kobe was inspired by an Audi which made its original look futuristic compared to the kicks during its time. I remember when it first came out, it caught my attention in a good way because while being bulky-looking, it looked unique back then. Its price made me look for other shoes to ball in because it is just too much for me. Now, adidas brought this out of their vault and made some adjustments specifically the upper material. A combination of nubuck and leather gives it a lifestyle and premium look. It looks a bit more like a Tubular model ob a quick glance, but the midsole/outsole tooling was kept to remind you of its roots. It does look nice especially the grey colorway all we don't have any word when this will be available but it is only a matter of time and kicks like this should be available in a lot of areas just because it gives a whole new take on retro models by making it look a bit different from the OG without half-baking it like removing key techs.

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