Steph Curry wore a white Curry 4 Low during practice

The Golden State Warriors re-captured the title once again from the Cleveland Cavaliers. First time in the history of the league to have a trilogy in a championship series. Will both teams return next year in the Playoffs? We'll see. Also, this finals gave us some glimpse on the upcoming Curry 4 with Steph lacing the Curry 4 mids in the finals. Now, here are some photos of the low-top version of the Curry 4 in the "Chef Curry" or all-white colorway. While the low-top sneakers would essentially provide more range of motion in the ankle area, foot containment would be essential here especially with Curry who has numerous bouts with ankle injuries. I just hope that this low-top version would do well performance-wise and since this is a Curry shoe, I think Under Armour wouldn't let their flag bearer get an ankle injury just because the foot containment (especially in the heel) isn't good. Are you excited for the Curry 4's in general? And do you think that the shoe's price will continue to skyrocket because the Warriors are the champions again?



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