Early image of the DRose 8

Here is an early image of the D Rose 8. While there are no tech specs yet, what we are sure of is that Boost will be the main cushion source which is also full-length. Also, the rubber outsole would also serve as a support cage for the Boost foam laterally just like D Rose 7. There are no specifics for the upper yet but by just looking at it, there are fuse panels on the top overlay. On the ankle area, a neoprene-like material that would accommodate the speed wraps that D Rose wears so it would also mean that there is a space in case you are using ankle support. A TPU frame can also be seen for support and I hope it isn't too rigid because you still need some give for a more natural movement. Personally, I got tired pretty quickly seeing "boot-high" kicks. Sure, there might be a good reason behind this especially that this is a shoe for Derrick Rose (for a secured mind perhaps), but I believe that as long as the foot or heel containment as adequate, then you really wouldn't need a very high-collar shoe. What do you think guys? Do you like the overall silhouette or you want a mid-cut shoe or a low-top just like the D Rose 7 Lows?

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