Best Foot Forward: And1 Tai Chi 3

My apologies because this post is long overdue, as I've been caught up with events at work so I wasn't able to made a post about this. This is the And1 Tai Chi 3 which I procured in the States via Amazon and have my girlfriend's cousin to carry the package since he had his vacation here in the Philippines. Big thanks to Raynard for helping us with this.

Now for the shoes. I actually decided to cop this for the sole purpose of doing a performance review. Let's face it, there are a lot of brands out there both new and old players and each brand has something special to offer. And1 back in the day was really famous because of the various streetball mixtapes where different street ballers tour to different cities to challenge players there (they even toured here in the Philippines in the early 2000's). It is safe to say that And1 has brought something to the table and while the shoe isn't that popular anymore, I decided to purchase the Tai Chi 3, one of famous line in their brand. Some months ago, I was able to reach out to Dallas Stokes, the shoe's lead designer and was able to get the tech specs of the Tai Chi 3 which you can see below.

The shoe feels fairly light with a combination of synthetic leather and mesh on the upper. Just from a try-on my feet feels low to the ground. I have no reference with regards to sizing so I chose size 9 which what I usually would wear. It feels a bit roomy for me so you might want to try them in stores if you have a chance. I think you will still do fine if you go half-size lower. I have tested an And1 shoe before which is the Empire Mid 2.0, with the highlight of the shoe being the traction which is And1's strong point. I don't expect too much on their cushioning but just from trying them, the insole is plush and I kinda like it.

Since this post is long overdue, I am almost done with the performance testing stage so I will be able to give you a detailed performance review soon so keep it locked here at For the meantime, here are some images.


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