Anta RR5 and KT 3

Aside from the upcoming KT 3, here is an early image of the RR5. Sporting a low-top height which is what Rondo prefers to wear, textile upper which like a knit material will be used. The utilization of knit material is not new to Anta and it looks like this trend will continue in their top-tier models. The cushioning looks fairly thin so I would expect this to be responsive because your feet will be closer to the ground which increases your reaction time. With KG retired, it's up to Rondo and Klay to carry Anta's flag along with Scola which is a big man. Do you think Anta needs more signature athletes? Let your opinions be heard by leaving them in the comments section.

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    1. Good to know that they are pushing hard on innovation by catching up with the latest trend. At the end of the day, it all boils down to execution.

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