Reebok X Alien movie collaboration

To celebrate the screening of the 1986 movie, "Aliens", Reebok made a special sneaker which really brings back old memories. I was young back then and I suggest you try to look for a copy for you young bucks out there as this movie is so massive, I think they even made toys of it. Going back to the shoe, they come in 2 colors and packed in a very special packaging which for fans of the movie could be an awesome memorabilia. I'm not sure if you will be rocking this because these might be very limited. But they are shoes and they are meant to be worn so rock them if you wish. The Reebok Stomper comes in 2 colors (yellow and black) representing the iconic battle which pits Ripley's Powerloader robot suit and the xenomorph queen respectively. These two will be sold as a pack for $325 on July 18 which was the movies screen date back then.



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