Close-up images on the next Lebron Soldier 11

Here are clear detailed images on the next Lebron Soldier 11. Let's be honest, there is nothing exciting about on the silhouette in general as it really reminds you of the Soldier 10. But here is the thing, there is nothing wrong with the Soldier 10 performance wise. Actually, it is a good performer on court even with the absence of laces, the shoe gives you lockdown because the straps are strategically placed on areas where you need them. This time around, 4 large straps was used which I would say is a minor tweak but could give you more support. For cushioning, I do hope that this is a heel and forefoot Zoom Air and while it would be wishful thinking, full-length Zoom Air isn't bad right? Also, I am not a fan of translucent outsole but as long as this would bite the floor well with just little wiping, then I'm okay with it. How about you, do you like the route where Nike is heading with the Soldier line? Be heard by sharing your thoughts below.

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