Fila Spy X Lite

Knit material is not new in today's sneakers. It's lightweight build and comfort have been the reasons why it is being used by most brands. However, the material is also the main reason why the price of these sneakers have gone up. Now, Fila is offering knit materials in their lifestyle kicks without the need of digging deep in your pockets. The File Spy X Lite features a knit upper which is stretchy and comfy enough for everyday use. There is a soft TPU cage on the midfoot to provide support as well without being too rigid and not ruining the entire feel. Even the heel counter not too exaggerated so you could somewhat say that the build isn't too flashy trying to keep the price to a minimum but giving you everything you need in a lifestyle shoe. The used a standard phylon foam for cushioning and while everything isn't geared towards a heavily-performance shoe, I guess it gets the job done if you would just like to wear a comfortable shoe which is light. The good part is it only cost Php 1,999 at various Fila stores. I've spotted these 2 colorways at Fila Trinoma so you might want to check them out if you are near the area.


  1. Thank you for the review. I bought it thinking that it was a pair of running shoes.

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