Air Jordan XXX1 Black / Royal

By this time, most of you guys know that the Air Jordan XXX1 was inspired by the first Air Jordan. As a matter of fact, the launch colorway of the shoe paid homage to the first Js by having the bred colorway and even the shattered backboard colorway didn't get unnoticed as they released the colorway for the 31s after some time. Now, it is only fitting to release more iconic colorways on the AJ XXX1s like this Black/Royal colorway. The whole theme looks really nice since that the royal matches well with the upper. Kawhi Leonard spearheaded this colorway although it doesn't match the spurs colorway but it is still fine since he is a perennial All-Star and also Russ is tearing the league with triple doubles in his hybrid or Why Not Jordans. These are available now for $185 at Nike Store <HERE>.



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