Sperry 7 Seas

Are you familiar with the brand Sperry? I'm pretty sure most of you guys know it especially if you grew up in the 80's. Well known for their boat shoes, Sperry have a new line of kicks called Seven Seas. The shoe took some design elements from their boat shoe and transformed it into a new silhouette by incorporating new materials which are used nowadays which has some performance benefits.

Right off the bat is the upper which uses a knitted mesh material that dries quickly. Technically, it is still a boat shoe so you would want it to dry quickly because nobody wants their feet soaking wet inside the shoe. The line also used a lightweight foam which has some sort of drainage located underneath to allow water to escape which I think is the most essential part of the shoe. Overall, the shoe feels light with the materials were well thought of with functionality taking the front seat. There are a lot colors to choose from and I saw them at their newly opened store in Trinoma (2nd level), and I urge you check them out as well.


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