Stephon Marbury's interview with SoleCollector

Let's be honest, a lot of ballers think that it is all about the shoes. When they see you on court wearing the latest signature model, latest tech or whatever, most people equate it with your skill which shouldn't be the case. You have to put in the work, the grueling training even when no one is watching, the discipline, your best effort just to be the version that you can be whether in sports or in any field. Sure, the latest tech in a shoe could give you comfort which would translate that you wouldn't have to worry anything else but playing your game. But it doesn't mean that when you wear a kicks with less value doesn't mean you will be less of a player. It all boils down with your hardwork, dedication, and training. Like I said before, half of the battle is won behind closed doors where you put in the hours of work to elevate your game.

With different shoe brands out there, it has been our philosophy here in Analykix to show what every brand has to offer to us (consumers) so that they wouldn't have to worry about anything else and just focus on their game especially here in the Philippines where most people do not have the luxury to get a shoe to play in every month. Most of us save our money (allowance for the students) just to get a good basketball shoe. And even after months of saving, some still fall short in getting the top-tier models that's why as much as possible we try to show our readers what the mid-level models or even the entry-level kicks has to offer.

On a similar note, one of the players out there spearheading a movement selling kicks at a very cheap price is former NBA player Stephon Marbury who is still playing in China as a professional basketball player. While I have yet to try some of his kicks, I am pretty sure that I will be trying out a pair of Starbury in the near future just to see what their brand has to offer. I found this article at Solecollector and I find it appropriate to share with you all as well.

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