And1 M2

The And1 M2 has been spotted at Royal Sporting House in Trinoma. Overall, the shoe reduces its weight by incorporating mesh material with fuse panels on the upper. Sporting a mid-cut profile, it there are some flaps located in the ankle area. For better containment, you can also see that the laces go all the way to the ankle area part and once the shoe laces are tied properly, it will give a secure fit on that area minimizing heel slips or ankle instability inside the shoe. A lightweight EVA foam was used for cushion which offers good responsiveness and impact protection. Back in the day, And1 was popularly known being a good outdoor shoe as it offers good rubber outsole that would be able to stand the blacktop. The outsole really intrigues me on how it would perform because it uses a combination of solid and translucent rubber with different traction patterns which you can see from the images below. The shoe retails for Php 5,395 originally but is already being offered at a discounted price of Php 3,777.


  1. Any idea how these fit compared to the Tai Chi 3s?

    1. While I haven't tried the M2, the And1 Tai Chi 3 is a bit big for me. I usually get size 9 but for some reason it is a bit long for me. For the Tai Chi, I think going half-size down is possible. For the M2,I would assume that they are somewhat alike since the midsole tooling is identical.

  2. Preciate the response! I know it was out of the blue, but And1 has been doing a 40% some of their shoes on the US site! Unfortunately they don't really make sizes 12.5, so it looks like if I pull the trigger I have to stay with size 13, since size 12 will be killing my toes haha. Thanks again for the response, Happy Holidays to you!


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