Anarkyzt spotted at Pop Culture

With all the sneakers out in the market today, some might think that the whole sneaker culture is already over saturated. From the big brands alone, they have a whole arsenal of models ranging from retros to performance beasts. While this may be true to some extent, you can't deny that these brands cannot satiate the taste of each and everyone out there and this is where the new and upcoming brands come into play. In this article, I'll be featuring Anarkyzt which is a local brand here in the Philippines. Basically, their product is all about lifestyle kicks with some retro appeal to it.

I first learn about the brand in my social media account as they were trying to promote their brand and it really made me interested and what also made me curious is that when I found out that they were based here in the Philippines and seeing homegrown brands do their work to penetrate a big market like the sneaker market for example makes me feel good, as it shows that when you do hard work, you will be recognized sooner or later. Last week, my girlfriend told me that Anarkyzt has a small store space in Trinoma and we decided to check them out. We made a video to feature the shop and their shoes which you can check out below. After the video, you may want to check more details as well as images with regards to each model. If you want to learn more about their products, you can check their social media accounts, you can click on these links <Anarkyzt Instagram> and <Anarkyzt Facebook>.

Karlstad: A sneaker that has some retro vibe to it which has a leather upper and suede heel panel and it makes the shoe look luxurious. While it does look generic because the design itself is too plain, you can easily pair them with jeans. The shoe retails for Php 2,490.

Anda: The Anda is made up of a combination of leather and nylon mesh on the upper. The mesh part can be seen on the medial and lateral side of the shoe which adds some comfort and makes it breathable. Available in 2 colors, the Anda retails for Php 2,290.

Komet: The Komet is a retro inspired kicks with a rubber outsole that allows the foot to move fluidly. I must say that it is really inspired by a running shoe just by looking at the silhouette alone with materials made up of nylon and suede. The shoe retails for Php 2,290. 

Malmo: The Malmo is made up of canvas upper with vulcanized rubber outsole. The shoe itself looks durable because of the materials and I hope they hold up long since this could be a choice for people who are always on the go where the environment isn't always pleasant. It retails for Php 1,990.

Vav: For some reason, my eyes fixated on this model. Maybe because of the collar lining whose material reminds me of a towel. Along with the white canvas upper, the colored ankle collar made it pop. A subtle approach if you ask me, but it did caught my attention. The Vav retails for Php 1,990.

Asterisk: Taking a step back from the casual look, the Asterisk has more of a fashion edge than the rest of the line. Leather upper with a neoprene-like booty construction. The rubber outsole is similar to the Komet which allows a more fluid heel-toe transition. The Asterisk retails for Php 2,490. 

Visby: Finally, the Visby is made up of a mesh upper throughout the shoe making it breathable and lightweight. While its simple construction might be bland for some, you can't deny that these looks fresh especially during summer time and also very easy to clean. The Visby retails for Php 1,990.


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