Adidas Superstar Boost drops tomorrow

Personally, I am excited to see this more than just in photos. With all the rumors that floated couple of months ago that adidas Originals will be doing a Superstar Boost, it really makes me wonder how will they pull it off. I really like that way that adidas kept the overall look of the shoe for the most part which made the whole silhouette iconic and popular even up to this day. Making subtle changes which you will only notice in the medial side and underneath where the Boost foam is prominent, I can say that this is easier for purist to digest so to speak. And of course, having Boost foam means comfort takes the driver seat here. Wait no longer guys, these are scheduled to release tomorrow and Sole Academy has you covered here in the Philippines so always keep checking their social media channels for more information with regards to pricing and store availability.

Via: adidas Originals


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