Learn about the Nike Foamposite

This January marks the 20th anniversary of the Nike Air Foamposite One. Back then, it drew a lot of buzz just because it was considered ahead of its time in terms of upper material innovation. When most of the shoes back then were made of leather (premium or synthetic), the Foamposite One looks like a plastic shell that has a foam-like consistency. I can still remember my reaction when I first saw them: It was a mixture of curious and attraction to the shoe. Attracted because you never see anything like that before and made me curious on how they feel when worn. I did not had a chance to get a pair that time because it was too expensive. Now Nike brought back them again and with all the technology advancements in the shoe industry with regards to the upper material, you can't deny that the Foamposite played a big role in bridging the gap that led to the usage of synthetic upper materials today. Here is a video I saw from Solecollector to give you more info about the Foamposites. For young sneakerheads, you might want to watch the video to give you more knowledge on the rich heritage of Foamposite and appreciate it more.

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