Leaked Images on the Nike Air More Uptempo X Supreme

We are now seeing leaked images on the latest collaboration between Nike and Supreme. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about this collaboration wherein the Nike Air More Uptempo was the selected canvas so to speak. There were talks on how it would look and drew curiosity since we really don't know how it would play out. Now, we can see the executed design on the said collaboration and while some purist may find it a bit off because of the "AIR" text detail was gone, I personally find it nice just for the simple reason that it added something special to it. Sure the iconic "AIR" text is gone and was substituted with "SUPREME", but since this is a collaboration, I think it is justifiable and they pulled it off nicely. From the images here, you can see some subtle Supreme logo detailing on the box. What I am concerned is the tech here. We can see a full-length air bag and honestly, I will it very strange if this is a half-baked tech and the wearer wouldn't feel the Air Max bag. Yup, I am aware that this is a retro model and a collaboration so 90% of the time this wouldn't be used in a basketball game. But come on, the tech is very visible and that's what made the shoe popular back in the day so it is only fitting that the same tech and hopefully you will really feel the comfort from that huge Air Max bag underneath. How about you, do you like the design execution on this collaboration? Feel free to share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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