A new and improved Pure Boost will return next month

The Pure Boost was the first model that captured the hearts of many sneakerheads with regards to comfort. Although this was the case, the Ultra Boost has been more popular for the simplest reason that it is more performance driven that the Pure Boost. Let's just say the Pure Boost has more of a lifestyle appeal while the Boost could be interchangeable to both lifestyle and performance purposes. I don't know if it is due to the shape or overall silhouette that makes it like that or something else, but it looks like the next iteration of the Pure Boost looks slimmer and hopefully this would make you consider this on your next Boost purchase. The next version of Pure Boost will consist of Primeknit and a sculpted collar on the ankle area. There is a foamy-looking panel on the heel area although I'm pretty sure it wouldn't provide too much support unless there is a more rigid heel counter inside it. But nonetheless, I like this better than its predecessor just because it looks more slimmer. These 5 colorways are scheduled to release on February 1, 2017 and I'm pretty sure these will likely reach here in the Philippines around that time as well.



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