You can also get the Anta KT II at The SM Store

The Anta KT II is slowly becoming visible in various stores. Here in the northern part, these are already available at The SM Store in North Edsa. Three colorways are available there, two of them resembling the Warriors color scheme and the third one has a cool graphic in it dubbed as "Make it Rain". The shoe really looks almost identical to the first Anta KT in terms of the general look of the silhouette. It still utilizes a synthetic fuse upper with mesh material for breathability and is still lightweight. The fuse material doesn't look too restrictive and I don't think it would cause pinching or irritation in the forefoot when the shoe flexes because the material is soft enough and doesn't flex awkwardly. I guess, the main difference from the first KT would be the cushion as it utilize different foam densities to provide you comfort underneath which I think would be the main difference from the first KT. The shoe retails for Php 5,995 and here are some images of the 3 colorways that were available.


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