(Post birthday) My Awesome DRose 6 Cake

Some of you know that I just celebrated my birthday last weekend (thank you for all the greetings). To be honest, I am really busy with work and if you follow my blog, you don't get to see posts from time to time although I try my best to give you sneaker news everyday. With all the busy schedule, i wasn't able to make plans for my birthday. Luckily, my girlfriend who is also a part of Analykix (behind the scenes) have this wonderful idea to gift me this cake. She ordered it from my classmate and a very good friend back in college. Knowing that I am a basketball shoe enthusiast, she really did a very nice job in making this cake that looks like my go-to-shoe, DRose 6. I promise you, the pictures don't do justice on the actual cake and I was really, really happy to receive this cake. The cake has a chocolate flavor which I really love. Little that I know, all her cake-making gigs for the month of October, a part of it goes to charity work where she helps in feeding people who are reforming from drug abuse. That alone makes me feel honored to be a part (somewhat) of that great deed. If you are in the Philippines and would want to have custom-made cakes, you can contact her through her instagram page <HERE>. So thank you Dr.C and thanks dear for this awesome cake.


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