Li Ning Yu Shuai 10 'Calderon'

While I was at the mall yesterday, I saw these Li Ning basketball kicks and I thought this is a part of the Wade line. So I asked the store staff what model is it and they say it's a shoe for Calderon (although not specifically his own signature kicks). I must say the shoe looks really nice especially the black one. Synthetic upper material was used in the lateral side but it doesn't feel cheap. The black colorway feels somewhat rubbery while the red one is reminiscent of leather which is kinda nice. The Li Ning logo is made of up of some mesh material which also serves as a vent panel allowing some heat to escape since materials like these would likely trap heat inside the shoe. Cushioning is made up of Cloud cushion which is another cushion source that Li Ning uses. Translucent outsole was used for both colorways but I'm leaning to the black more because of that icy blue translucent outsole together with the black specks on the upper. The red one is also nice which is more flashy in my opinion, it's just the black looks more clean. These are available now at Juego store in Trinoma and retails for Php 6,290.


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  2. Sir, nowadays which brand offers more budget model that could last outdoors, Anta, Peak or Li-Ning?

    1. In my opinion (which is what I observed also in stores), all 3 brands have many budget models to choose from and some of them would even be considered 'hidden gems' since you will be amazed by how they perform. Another thing is that even their mid-level shoe and sometimes signature shoes are being offered at a discounted price. In terms of playing outdoors, just check out the thickness of the rubber. Also you would want to consider how often you play and the condition of the court that you play in (dust/debris present).


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