In-depth look on the Anta KT2

Here are more detailed images on the Anta KT2 and these images would likely give you an idea on what to expect on his next shoe. In my opinion, nothing too much has changed in terms of the silhouette but there are subtle modifications made and I think it would make it better that its predecessor. The upper is a combination of mesh with some kind of foam padding with synthetic overlay which can be found in the toe area to provide support. They utilized the Anta logo as a way of an extended clip on the ankle area which if done right could provide containment as well. What really is interesting is the midsole contains a somewhat different density foams as evidenced by the cored out panel in both the forefoot and heel area. This could be a major game changer in cushion department if they would make it in such a way that the forefoot cushion has a somewhat spring back effect with the heel area providing good impact protection. After seeing these images, what are you expecting from the KT 2? Did you copped the KT 1? Do you think this shoe would be better? Let your thoughts be heard by sharing them down the comments section.

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