Dr. Martens The Next Revolution

I'm sure many of you love the timelessness of a classic brand. And when it comes to this, some don't even appreciate some changes especially if it concerns changing the look or the materials. In my opinion, as long as they change for the better and still do some production runs of the old silhouettes (for those who love the classics), then it is okay to embrace some of these changes. Dr. Martens made Boots popular back in the 90's and up to this date, it is still one of the most sought brand. Now, DMs has made some changes to keep up with the trend with regards to footwear which is style and comfort. This, together with their classic models will somehow bridge the gap and hopefully attract some of the young ones as well. First off, the upper material has been switched to a more lightweight leather. It is not as thick as it was but it still looks nice and don't worry since the stitching is still on point strengthening the structure of the shoe. Fans of the classic models will surely notice this because the shoe is significantly light.

Another thing that Dr. Martens did is that they added some extra layers of cushioning by adding a proper midsole and extended even further by adding a soft insole for step-in comfort. Lastly, they replaced the silicone-based outsole with a more thinner gum bottom outsole which is also durable and prevents slipping on most surfaces.

Like I said earlier, they will still do their classic models and this is just their way of attracting more people to try their brand especially the young ones. They offer 3 models having this material makeover with price ranging from Php 8,490 to Php 9990 and is available now at Dr. Martens store in the The Block at SM North Edsa.


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