Adidas Ball 365 Low

You can now also get the Adidas Ball 365 lows at adidas Trinoma. There are 3 variations of the shoe with the height of the shoe being the difference. The first variety that dropped was the mid and now they also have the low. For some reason, people have been passing on this model and I think it's because of the price. I think the D Lillard 2 is cheaper than this which offers almost the same tech (except for the upper) and considering that is a signature model.  But I think the upper material here is a tad stronger than the Jacquard so it just comes to preference. But if you want to wear different than everyone else, then maybe you can try this one which offers a bit more range of motion in the ankle since it is a low cut shoe. The shoe retails for Php 6,495.


  1. Is this good for outdoors? But yeah Lillard 2 is much better.

    1. It features Continental rubber outsole so good court grip can be achieved. Also, the rubber is quite thick so it could also last quite a bit.

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