Li Ning Wade Fission 2

Let's face it, it's not easy to look for Li Ning kicks here in the Philippines for the simplest reason that they are not well scattered around the metro. Sure, you can find a couple of Wade kicks here and there, but they are mostly old models of WoW. Luckily, there's a community of Chinese basketball kicks enthusiasts where anyone from the group can share sightings of some Chinese kicks. One member of the group, Chippy who also happen to work at a Li Ning store shared one of the latest models that they have now, the Wade Fission 2.

This colorful model of Fission 2 features a leather upper which looks very sturdy. The Achilles heel notch keeps your feet in place and provide a more secured fit. Bounse cushion gives you nice impact protection which is what Li Ning is using even in their top models such as the WoW. Tuff OS provides a durable outsole which could last long even outdoors. This is available now at the Li Ning store in Mall of Asia for a retail price of Php 3,790.

Image credit: Chippy


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