Images of the upcoming WoW 5

While the WoW 4s are hard to find here in the Philippines, we are now seeing the next installment in the Way of Wade line. This WoW 5 carries a "volt" upper and white midsole with translucent (glow in the dark outsole). If you are fan of the Wade series, you can actually see that the shoe's design was  inspired by past WoW models and I think it's pretty cool. Just like the 4's, mesh takes care of the upper although I am not sure if this will be the case for all colorways. Knowing Li Ning, they love to switch things a bit so we really can't tell. No official word with regards to tech specs especially in the cushion so we will just have to wait for more news as days go by. For the meantime, here are images for you check out.

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